GorillaKilla.com Releases First Date Grooming Kit

GorillaKilla.com Releases First Date Grooming Kit

(PRWEB) February 13, 2014

The First Date Kit by GorillaKilla.com addresses all the basics regarding men’s grooming upon first impression. Whether it’s an interview or first date (which, to be honest, can feel like an interview) this kit will help men make the right first impression.

“You see all the parts mentioned here are public displays of appraisal (or PDA – sometimes I change out appraisal for attraction), meaning they are visible to all the viewing public,” says Ken Adams, owner of GorillaKilla.com. “First dates, first interviews – what we are really talking about are first meetings. What words come out of your mouth is a topic for another time.”

The men’s grooming tools included in this kit address three usual but often overlooked suspects. At its core the kit features the highly praised ApeX Original Round Tip Precision Tweezers for eyebrows and anything else that needs plucking.

Second is the Apex Precision Nose Hair Trimmers, a true team player. These trimmers can be used for neatly grooming nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, beards or anywhere else hair needs to be managed. The last tool included in the kit is the ApeX Precision Nail Cutter for fingernails and toenails.

“Is that first impression in a first date really that critical?” asks Adams. “The short answer is unequivocally: Yes! Don’t kid yourself. Those first few moments meeting someone can determine how everything is judged from that point forward.”

The First Date Kit can be purchased by visiting http://gorillakilla.com/first-date-kit-apex.

Remember, in every gorilla hides a well groomed man. Invest in yourself and the tools used to help keep you at the top of your game.

About GorillaKilla

Ken Adams founded GorillaKilla to help the hairy male navigate the waters of the modern dating, social, and professional scenes. In the early 2000’s, newly single and in NYC, Adams found that expectations on the dating scene had changed. Hairy men were now expected to groom themselves and remove excess hair. After trying waxing, salons, and other treatments, Adams decided to found GorillaKilla to help other men groom themselves through simple, practical methods and products.

GorillaKilla.com launched late 2013 to share how-to videos, informational articles, and other content. The site also features an online store of the best, quality assured male grooming products. To learn more, visit http://www.GorillaKilla.com.

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