Image from page 174 of “When to send for the doctor : and what to do before the doctor comes” (1913)

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Image from page 174 of “When to send for the doctor : and what to do before the doctor comes” (1913)
Can Ear Wax Cause Deafness?
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Identifier: whentosendfordoc00lipp
Title: When to send for the doctor : and what to do before the doctor comes
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Lippert, Frieda E., 1867- Holmes, Arthur, 1872-
Subjects: Children First aid in illness and injury
Publisher: Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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at catarrh of the mid-dle ear results, ending finally indeafness. The stupid countenance resultingfrom the habitually open mouth, andthe inevitable mouth-breathing accom-panying it, should be enough to put anymother upon her guard. The doctors 149 WHEN TO SEND advice must be sought without furtherdelay, and he will doubtless counsel, atonce, the removal of the adenoids andtonsils. This is by no means a dangerous op-eration, but it needs to be done withgreat thoroughness, to produce thecomplete disappearance of all the ob-jectionable conditions we have de-scribed. Temporary Deafness. Temporary deafness may be causedby the long and obstinate accumulationof hardened wax within the ear canal.Such deafness is apt to occur suddenly,because with even the smallest possi-ble slit-like opening in the mass, thechild can hear. It takes months forsuch masses to collect within the earwithout causing damage until suddenmoisture, or even damp weather, causesthe wax to swell, large enough to close 150

Text Appearing After Image:
How to look into the ear without using instruments. FOR THE DOCTOR the opening and prevent the passingof any waves of sound within the canal.If this occurs, the mother will be ableto detect the dark reddish-brown massof wax, by gently drawing the lobe ofthe childs ear upward and slightly outor away from the side of the head. Shemust take the child to the doctor or tothe nearest dispensary, doing nothingherself to remove the mass. In the doc-tors skilled hands, careful syringingwith sterilized boiled water will removethe mass, although it may consume sev-eral minutes. Under no condition isthe mother or child at any time to keepcontinually prodding the ear to removesmaller masses of wax. These roll outof themselves, often unnoticed; the ten-dency to collect in larger masses is asign that too much prodding has beendone and that the ear has beenirritated. 151 WHEN TO SEND Foreign Bodies in the Ear. Children sometimes, through mis-chief or curiosity, put shoe-buttons,pebbles, beads, beans,

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